Akzo Nobel Detailed Consensus >> GROUP (continuing operations)
Last Update: 2020-05-07

KPI[EUR m]Q2 2019FY 2019Q2 2020 EFY 2020 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 E
Revenue continuing operationsNumber of Estimates14171717
Revenue continuing operationsHighest2,259.68,882.49,683.510,358.5
Revenue continuing operationsMean1,959.48,466.08,965.49,287.2
Revenue continuing operationsConsensus (Median)1,949.58,470.89,015.09,381.0
Revenue continuing operationsLowest1,745.07,970.08,386.08,746.0
EBITDA Number of Estimates14171717
EBITDA Highest478.01,603.21,670.61,810.7
EBITDA Mean260.41,273.11,474.41,571.2
EBITDA Consensus (Median)232.41,260.21,499.81,589.0
EBITDA Lowest148.71,122.01,287.01,337.0
Depreciation & AmortisationNumber of Estimates14171717
Depreciation & AmortisationHighest-70.5-321.0-321.0-317.5
Depreciation & AmortisationMean-86.1-346.7-350.7-355.4
Depreciation & AmortisationConsensus (Median)-87.2-346.8-350.0-353.0
Depreciation & AmortisationLowest-100.0-382.0-439.0-459.0
EBIT before incidentalsNumber of Estimates14171717
EBIT before incidentalsHighest396.51,271.51,347.81,489.1
EBIT before incidentalsMean174.4926.41,123.71,215.7
EBIT before incidentalsConsensus (Median)148.1909.91,136.01,234.0
EBIT before incidentalsLowest60.1753.2893.6927.0
IncidentalsNumber of Estimates13171717
IncidentalsConsensus (Median)-16.0-65.0-9.0-6.0
Operating income Number of Estimates13171717
Operating income Highest359.01,121.51,347.81,489.1
Operating income Mean158.4841.31,095.91,201.4
Operating income Consensus (Median)130.1844.91,095.81,228.0
Operating income Lowest25.1684.0884.6918.0
Net income after minorities (including discontinued operations)Number of Estimates13171717
Net income after minorities (including discontinued operations)Highest246.0746.5916.51,017.4
Net income after minorities (including discontinued operations)Mean96.6540.2725.8803.4
Net income after minorities (including discontinued operations)Consensus (Median)80.3537.0729.2840.1
Net income after minorities (including discontinued operations)Lowest14.0441.0571.0619.8
Weighted average number of shares during the year (in million)Number of Estimates13171717
Weighted average number of shares during the year (in million)Highest194.0196.7194.0194.0
Weighted average number of shares during the year (in million)Mean191.4191.7188.6187.2
Weighted average number of shares during the year (in million)Consensus (Median)190.8191.4190.2190.1
Weighted average number of shares during the year (in million)Lowest189.5187.8178.2169.6
EPS total operations (in Euro)Number of Estimates13171717
EPS total operations (in Euro)Highest1.303.934.885.42
EPS total operations (in Euro)Mean0.502.823.854.30
EPS total operations (in Euro)Consensus (Median)0.422.793.884.39
EPS total operations (in Euro)Lowest0.
Dividend per Share (in Euro)Number of Estimates-171717
Dividend per Share (in Euro)Highest-2.622.792.93
Dividend per Share (in Euro)Mean-1.851.992.15
Dividend per Share (in Euro)Consensus (Median)-1.901.952.10
Dividend per Share (in Euro)Lowest-1.101.501.70

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