Fresenius Medical Care Detailed Consensus >> Group
Consensus as of: 2024-06-07

KPI[EUR m]FY 2023FY 2024 EFY 2025 E
Total RevenueNumber of Estimates2424
Total RevenueHighest20,06720,859
Total RevenueMedian19,45419,64720,420
Total RevenueLowest19,15119,534
Total Revenue (outlook base)Number of Estimates2323
Total Revenue (outlook base)Highest20,06720,859
Total Revenue (outlook base)Median19,04919,65420,426
Total Revenue (outlook base)Lowest19,15119,534
Total Operating income, groupNumber of Estimates2121
Total Operating income, groupHighest1,8292,405
Total Operating income, groupMedian1,3691,5592,019
Total Operating income, groupLowest1,3391,800
Total Operating income (outlook base)Number of Estimates2121
Total Operating income (outlook base)Highest1,9272,405
Total Operating income (outlook base)Median1,5401,8032,120
Total Operating income (outlook base)Lowest1,6941,800
Financial result (net interest expense)Number of Estimates2222
Financial result (net interest expense)Highest412415
Financial result (net interest expense)Median336331313
Financial result (net interest expense)Lowest293279
Income tax expenseNumber of Estimates2121
Income tax expenseHighest433549
Income tax expenseMedian301338463
Income tax expenseLowest267382
Net Income totalNumber of Estimates1919
Net Income totalHighest1,0601,563
Net Income totalMedian7328791,248
Net Income totalLowest6871,018
MinoritiesNumber of Estimates2121
Attributable Net IncomeNumber of Estimates2020
Attributable Net IncomeHighest8091,305
Attributable Net IncomeMedian499644960
Attributable Net IncomeLowest460787
Attributable Net income (outlook base) Number of Estimates2223
Attributable Net income (outlook base) Highest9221,305
Attributable Net income (outlook base) Median6448311,018
Attributable Net income (outlook base) Lowest696787
No. Shares weighted (m)Number of Estimates2323
No. Shares weighted (m)Highest294.120294.120
No. Shares weighted (m)Median293.413293.413293.413
No. Shares weighted (m)Lowest292.945286.000
EPS (basic) (in EUR)Number of Estimates2020
EPS (basic) (in EUR)Highest2.764.45
EPS (basic) (in EUR)Median1.702.203.27
EPS (basic) (in EUR)Lowest1.572.69
Dividend per share (in EUR)Number of Estimates2020
Dividend per share (in EUR)Highest1.511.75
Dividend per share (in EUR)Median1.191.201.33
Dividend per share (in EUR)Lowest0.630.90
EBITDANumber of Estimates2020
U.S. Revenue, Care DeliveryNumber of Estimates1111
U.S. Revenue, Care DeliveryHighest13,12413,964
U.S. Revenue, Care DeliveryMedian12,66512,74013,244
U.S. Revenue, Care DeliveryLowest12,37713,055
U.S. Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Number of Estimates1111
U.S. Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Highest13,12413,964
U.S. Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Median12,33312,74013,244
U.S. Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Lowest12,37713,055
International Revenue, Care DeliveryNumber of Estimates1111
International Revenue, Care DeliveryHighest3,0143,255
International Revenue, Care DeliveryMedian2,9132,8942,965
International Revenue, Care DeliveryLowest2,4682,389
International Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Number of Estimates1111
International Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Highest3,0143,255
International Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Median2,8252,8942,965
International Revenue, Care Delivery (outlook base)Lowest2,4682,389
Total Care Delivery RevenueNumber of Estimates1515
Total Care Delivery RevenueHighest15,91716,742
Total Care Delivery RevenueMedian15,57815,64816,210
Total Care Delivery RevenueLowest15,16215,633
Total Care Delivery Revenue (outlook base)Number of Estimates1616
Total Care Delivery Revenue (outlook base)Highest15,91716,742
Total Care Delivery Revenue (outlook base)Median15,15815,63416,190
Total Care Delivery Revenue (outlook base)Lowest15,16215,633
Operating income, Care DeliveryNumber of Estimates89
Operating income, Care DeliveryHighest1,6702,268
Operating income, Care DeliveryMedian1,5161,4011,725
Operating income, Care DeliveryLowest1,3081,625
Operating income (outlook base), Care DeliveryNumber of Estimates1515
Operating income (outlook base), Care DeliveryHighest1,7102,162
Operating income (outlook base), Care DeliveryMedian1,4771,6201,784
Operating income (outlook base), Care DeliveryLowest1,5371,647
Care Enablement RevenueNumber of Estimates1515
Care Enablement RevenueHighest5,6505,850
Care Enablement RevenueMedian5,3455,4435,664
Care Enablement RevenueLowest5,2855,107
Care Enablement Revenue (outlook base)Number of Estimates1616
Care Enablement Revenue (outlook base)Highest5,6505,850
Care Enablement Revenue (outlook base)Median5,3535,4455,667
Care Enablement Revenue (outlook base)Lowest5,2855,107
Operating income, Care EnablementNumber of Estimates89
Operating income, Care EnablementHighest248474
Operating income, Care EnablementMedian-67180305
Operating income, Care EnablementLowest105230
Operating income (outlook base), Care EnablementNumber of Estimates1515
Operating income (outlook base), Care EnablementHighest289474
Operating income (outlook base), Care EnablementMedian121232368
Operating income (outlook base), Care EnablementLowest170287
Inter-segment eliminations, RevenueNumber of Estimates1515
Inter-segment eliminations, RevenueHighest-1,418-1,361
Inter-segment eliminations, RevenueMedian-1,469-1,500-1,531
Inter-segment eliminations, RevenueLowest-1,557-1,651
Inter-segment eliminations, Revenue (outlook base)Number of Estimates1515
Inter-segment eliminations, Revenue (outlook base)Highest-1,418-1,361
Inter-segment eliminations, Revenue (outlook base)Median-1,462-1,500-1,531
Inter-segment eliminations, Revenue (outlook base)Lowest-1,557-1,651
Operating income, Inter-segment eliminationsNumber of Estimates1313
Operating income, Inter-segment eliminationsHighest40
Operating income, Inter-segment eliminationsMedian-13-10-8
Operating income, Inter-segment eliminationsLowest-14-16
Operating income, CorporateNumber of Estimates1010
Operating income, CorporateHighest-47-5
Operating income, CorporateMedian-67-58-54
Operating income, CorporateLowest-177-100
Operating income (outlook base), CorporateNumber of Estimates1515
Operating income (outlook base), CorporateHighest-42-9
Operating income (outlook base), CorporateMedian-45-54-53
Operating income (outlook base), CorporateLowest-69-73

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