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Last Update: 2021-10-19

KPI[EUR m]Q3 2020Q4 2020FY 2020Q3 2021 EQ4 2021 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 EFY 2023 E
RevenueNumber of Estimates99999
RevenueConsensus (Mean)596.7605.62,427.2656.4646.12,566.12,639.32,696.2
Organic revenue growth in %Number of Estimates44555
Organic revenue growth in %Highest13.
Organic revenue growth in %Consensus (Mean)-10.0-4.0-
Organic revenue growth in %Median11.
Organic revenue growth in %Lowest10.
Operative EBITDANumber of Estimates99999
Operative EBITDAHighest113.0112.1437.0452.4458.7
Operative EBITDAConsensus (Mean)113.0107.9435.1109.3104.4425.6433.6443.0
Operative EBITDAMedian108.8104.7426.0438.0449.2
Operative EBITDALowest102.899.2414.0408.0413.0
Margin in % Number of Estimates99999
Margin in % Highest17.417.016.917.017.2
Margin in % Consensus (Mean)18.917.817.916.716.216.616.416.4
Margin in % Median16.916.216.616.416.6
Margin in % Lowest16.
Operative EBIT (excl. non-recurring items)Number of Estimates88999
Operative EBIT (excl. non-recurring items)Highest63.062.1239.0251.2258.7
Operative EBIT (excl. non-recurring items)Consensus (Mean)62.357.0237.759.955.0226.0231.7238.4
Operative EBIT (excl. non-recurring items)Median59.955.6230.0233.4244.0
Operative EBIT (excl. non-recurring items)Lowest54.550.0203.9213.0205.6
EBITNumber of Estimates99999
EBITConsensus (Mean)59.140.3215.959.054.1209.9230.5237.3
Net financial itemsNumber of Estimates99999
Net financial itemsHighest-3.5-3.5-19.0-19.0-23.6
Net financial itemsConsensus (Mean)-7.5-9.6-34.9-8.0-8.5-27.2-30.8-30.2
Net financial itemsMedian-8.0-8.8-27.0-31.0-30.0
Net financial itemsLowest-10.7-11.7-32.0-34.9-34.9
Profit before taxNumber of Estimates99999
Profit before taxHighest55.654.7196.2216.3229.0
Profit before taxConsensus (Mean)51.630.7181.051.045.6182.7199.8207.1
Profit before taxMedian51.045.1184.9200.0211.0
Profit before taxLowest45.741.0173.0180.0169.0
Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent companyNumber of Estimates99999
Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent companyHighest43.050.0156.0162.8168.0
Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent companyConsensus (Mean)37.322.1131.337.835.1136.3146.8152.5
Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent companyMedian37.432.7132.6149.8160.3
Net profit attributable to equity holders of the parent companyLowest32.730.0123.9128.8119.9
Number of sharesNumber of Estimates99999
Number of sharesHighest153.0153.0153.0153.0153.0
Number of sharesConsensus (Mean)152.9152.9152.9153.0153.0153.0153.0153.0
Number of sharesMedian153.0153.0153.0153.0153.0
Number of sharesLowest153.0153.0153.0153.0153.0
EPS reported (in Euro)Number of Estimates99999
EPS reported (in Euro)Highest0.280.331.021.061.10
EPS reported (in Euro)Consensus (Mean)
EPS reported (in Euro)Median0.240.210.870.981.05
EPS reported (in Euro)Lowest0.210.200.810.840.78
Operative EPS (excl. non-recurring items)Number of Estimates88999
Operative EPS (excl. non-recurring items)Highest0.280.331.141.061.10
Operative EPS (excl. non-recurring items)Consensus (Mean)
Operative EPS (excl. non-recurring items)Median0.250.220.980.981.05
Operative EPS (excl. non-recurring items)Lowest0.210.200.870.850.85
DPS (in Euro)Number of Estimates--999
DPS (in Euro)Highest--0.610.640.67
DPS (in Euro)Consensus (Mean)--0.58--0.580.600.62
DPS (in Euro)Median--0.580.600.62
DPS (in Euro)Lowest--0.530.530.53
Capital expendituresNumber of Estimates--999
Capital expendituresHighest---176.0-180.0-180.0
Capital expendituresConsensus (Mean)-49.4-66.0-198.2---196.7-194.0-193.8
Capital expendituresMedian---200.0-195.0-195.0
Capital expendituresLowest---228.0-204.4-207.8

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