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Last Update: 2021-07-27

KPI[EUR m]Q3 2020Q4 2020FY 2020Q3 2021 EQ4 2021 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 EFY 2023 E
Revenue, Pulp & PaperNumber of Estimates88888
Revenue, Pulp & PaperHighest381.0394.61,522.91,561.01,608.0
Revenue, Pulp & PaperConsensus (Mean)352.2370.01,457.6373.8383.11,504.81,535.01,564.8
Revenue, Pulp & PaperMedian376.4383.51,506.51,532.01,566.5
Revenue, Pulp & PaperLowest363.9370.01,484.01,507.01,490.9
Operative EBITDA, Pulp & PaperNumber of Estimates66666
Operative EBITDA, Pulp & PaperHighest62.064.9247.2254.3261.2
Operative EBITDA, Pulp & PaperConsensus (Mean)65.568.9260.260.762.2243.6246.7250.1
Operative EBITDA, Pulp & PaperMedian60.863.1245.0247.2253.7
Operative EBITDA, Pulp & PaperLowest59.158.7238.5237.0237.0
Revenue, Industry & WaterNumber of Estimates88888
Revenue, Industry & WaterHighest289.0277.01,150.01,125.71,191.0
Revenue, Industry & WaterConsensus (Mean)244.4235.6969.5279.9261.51,068.11,101.11,128.0
Revenue, Industry & WaterMedian281.2260.31,055.51,109.01,129.2
Revenue, Industry & WaterLowest268.0250.01,040.01,071.31,075.5
Operative EBITDA, Industry & WaterNumber of Estimates66666
Operative EBITDA, Industry & WaterHighest53.051.0195.0202.6209.1
Operative EBITDA, Industry & WaterConsensus (Mean)47.639.0174.849.843.4184.4190.9194.0
Operative EBITDA, Industry & WaterMedian50.241.7182.4191.8195.1
Operative EBITDA, Industry & WaterLowest46.638.6177.4180.0175.8

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