Lanxess - Estimates
KPI (in Euro m)FY 2020FY 2021 E
SalesNumber of Estimates14
EBITDA pre exceptionalsNumber of Estimates14
EBITDA pre exceptionalsHighest1,074.3
EBITDA pre exceptionalsConsensus862.01,035.3
EBITDA pre exceptionalsMedian1,035.5
EBITDA pre exceptionalsLowest993.5
Net income after minorities pre exceptionalsNumber of Estimates9
Net income after minorities pre exceptionalsHighest415.0
Net income after minorities pre exceptionalsConsensus303.0377.8
Net income after minorities pre exceptionalsMedian377.0
Net income after minorities pre exceptionalsLowest342.0
EPS pre exceptionals (in Euro)Number of Estimates9
EPS pre exceptionals (in Euro)Highest4.80
EPS pre exceptionals (in Euro)Consensus3.504.37
EPS pre exceptionals (in Euro)Median4.36
EPS pre exceptionals (in Euro)Lowest3.95
Capex (excl. acquisitions)Number of Estimates11
Capex (excl. acquisitions)Highest533.8
Capex (excl. acquisitions)Consensus456.0481.6
Capex (excl. acquisitions)Median480.0
Capex (excl. acquisitions)Lowest435.0
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