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Last Update: 2020-12-17

KPI[EUR m]Q4 2019FY 2019Q4 2020 EFY 2020 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 E
Orders ReceivedNumber of Estimates8888
Orders ReceivedHighest141.0597.0735.0805.0
Orders ReceivedConsensus154.0681.0133.8589.8633.4684.8
Orders ReceivedMedian135.5591.5624.5671.0
Orders ReceivedLowest120.6576.6584.9635.7
SalesNumber of Estimates8888
thereof services businessNumber of Estimates8888
thereof services businessHighest42.0134.0163.0172.0
thereof services businessConsensus44.0152.039.3131.3145.3154.7
thereof services businessMedian39.4131.4141.5151.0
thereof services businessLowest37.4129.4138.2143.1
thereof new equipmentNumber of Estimates8888
thereof new equipmentHighest120.0442.0503.0598.0
thereof new equipmentConsensus123.0508.0108.9437.5463.0509.3
thereof new equipmentMedian109.0439.0466.6503.3
thereof new equipmentLowest97.4426.4420.8462.9
Adjusted EBITANumber of Estimates8888
Adjusted EBITAHighest23.085.0103.0121.0
Adjusted EBITAConsensus18.497.020.782.492.5104.4
Adjusted EBITAMedian21.583.893.0103.1
Adjusted EBITALowest16.877.083.593.3
Adjusted EBITNumber of Estimates8888
Adjusted EBITHighest25.085.0103.0121.0
Adjusted EBITConsensus17.
Adjusted EBITMedian21.079.990.099.9
Adjusted EBITLowest15.973.079.889.3
Adjustment items in EBITNumber of Estimates8888
Adjustment items in EBITHighest0.
Adjustment items in EBITConsensus0.00.0-0.6-7.5-0.30.0
Adjustment items in EBITMedian0.0-
Adjustment items in EBITLowest-3.0-11.0-2.00.0
EBIT reportedNumber of Estimates8888
EBIT reportedHighest25.077.0103.0121.0
EBIT reportedConsensus17.093.019.671.389.3101.3
EBIT reportedMedian20.572.189.599.9
EBIT reportedLowest13.765.779.889.3
Profit before taxNumber of Estimates8888
Profit before taxHighest25.772.7100.0119.0
Profit before taxConsensus17.091.019.666.685.998.5
Profit before taxMedian20.066.585.596.7
Profit before taxLowest13.760.777.386.3
Profit attributable to equity shareholdersNumber of Estimates8888
Profit attributable to equity shareholdersHighest19.
Profit attributable to equity shareholdersConsensus12.069.014.750.264.574.1
Profit attributable to equity shareholdersMedian15.
Profit attributable to equity shareholdersLowest11.146.158.365.6
Average number of shares (in million)Number of Estimates8888
Average number of shares (in million)Highest150.4150.4150.4150.4
Average number of shares (in million)Consensus150.1150.1150.4150.4150.4150.4
Average number of shares (in million)Median150.4150.4150.4150.4
Average number of shares (in million)Lowest150.4150.4150.4150.4
EPS reported (in Euro)Number of Estimates8888
EPS reported (in Euro)Highest0.130.360.500.59
EPS reported (in Euro)Consensus0.090.460.100.330.430.49
EPS reported (in Euro)Median0.100.340.430.48
EPS reported (in Euro)Lowest0.070.310.390.44
EPS adjusted (in Euro)Number of Estimates8888
EPS adjusted (in Euro)Highest0.130.410.500.59
EPS adjusted (in Euro)Consensus0.080.460.100.380.430.49
EPS adjusted (in Euro)Median0.100.390.430.48
EPS adjusted (in Euro)Lowest0.080.340.390.44
DPS (in Euro)Number of Estimates-888
DPS (in Euro)Highest-
DPS (in Euro)Consensus---
DPS (in Euro)Median-
DPS (in Euro)Lowest-

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