KPIIn EUR mnFY 2019FY 2020 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 E
Clean CCS Operating ResultNumber of Estimates161614
Clean CCS Operating ResultMax1,9573,4714,411
Clean CCS Operating ResultMedian3,5361,3582,6263,846
Clean CCS Operating ResultMin6831,6872,478
Clean Operating Result UpstreamNumber of Estimates111110
Clean Operating Result UpstreamMax3941,3302,398
Clean Operating Result UpstreamMedian1,951-1316431,808
Clean Operating Result UpstreamMin-4301801,025
Clean CCS Operating Result DownstreamNumber of Estimates111110
Clean CCS Operating Result DownstreamMax1,7752,2342,376
Clean CCS Operating Result DownstreamMedian1,6771,4911,9832,025
Clean CCS Operating Result DownstreamMin9245841,419
Clean CCS net income attributable to stockholdersNumber of Estimates171715
Clean CCS net income attributable to stockholdersMax1,2371,7811,980
Clean CCS net income attributable to stockholdersMedian1,6245531,1791,646
Clean CCS net income attributable to stockholdersMin-145051,028
Dividend Per Share (DPS) in EURNumber of Estimates161614
Dividend Per Share (DPS) in EURMax2.252.502.75
Dividend Per Share (DPS) in EURMedian2.
Dividend Per Share (DPS) in EURMin0.001.001.00
Sources of funds (CFFO before WC changes)Number of Estimates151513
Sources of funds (CFFO before WC changes)Max3,2354,9445,908
Sources of funds (CFFO before WC changes)Median4,2642,8214,0895,008
Sources of funds (CFFO before WC changes)Min3053,2093,575
As of June 29, 2020

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