SAF Holland Consensus Estimates
Consensus as of: 2024-06-19

KPI[EUR m]FY 2023FY 2024 EFY 2025 EFY 2026 E
SalesNumber of Estimates777
SalesConsensus (Mean)2,106.22,019.32,126.02,234.6
Reported EBITNumber of Estimates777
Reported EBITHighest180.0187.0204.6
Reported EBITConsensus (Mean)163.8172.2178.0190.8
Reported EBITMedian174.0176.1191.0
Reported EBITLowest160.6171.8177.3
Total adjustments (incl. PPA amortisation)Number of Estimates777
Total adjustments (incl. PPA amortisation)Highest35.030.025.0
Total adjustments (incl. PPA amortisation)Consensus (Mean)38.224.723.021.8
Total adjustments (incl. PPA amortisation)Median24.021.221.1
Total adjustments (incl. PPA amortisation)Lowest18.518.518.5
Adjusted EBITNumber of Estimates777
Adjusted EBITHighest206.0212.0225.6
Adjusted EBITConsensus (Mean)202.1196.8201.0212.6
Adjusted EBITMedian198.0200.0214.0
Adjusted EBITLowest181.8190.3195.8
Adjusted EBIT margin in %Number of Estimates777
Adjusted EBIT margin in %Highest10.09.79.8
Adjusted EBIT margin in %Consensus (Mean)
Adjusted EBIT margin in %Median9.99.59.4
Adjusted EBIT margin in %Lowest9.39.39.4
Finance resultNumber of Estimates777
Finance resultHighest-29.0-19.9-16.8
Finance resultConsensus (Mean)-42.1-34.1-29.4-27.8
Finance resultMedian-33.3-26.0-26.0
Finance resultLowest-39.4-38.5-37.8
Earnings before taxesNumber of Estimates777
Earnings before taxesHighest147.0164.4187.7
Earnings before taxesConsensus (Mean)121.7137.7149.0163.7
Earnings before taxesMedian135.4149.0156.9
Earnings before taxesLowest125.3136.7151.2
Tax rate in %Number of Estimates777
Tax rate in %Highest33.833.933.8
Tax rate in %Consensus (Mean)33.831.431.131.2
Tax rate in %Median31.030.930.8
Tax rate in %Lowest29.929.630.0
Result for the periodNumber of Estimates777
Result for the periodHighest103.0115.1131.4
Result for the periodConsensus (Mean)80.594.5102.7112.7
Result for the periodMedian93.4102.8108.3
Result for the periodLowest82.993.0100.1
Earnings per share (in EUR)Number of Estimates777
Earnings per share (in EUR)Highest2.262.542.90
Earnings per share (in EUR)Consensus (Mean)1.762.082.262.48
Earnings per share (in EUR)Median2.062.252.37
Earnings per share (in EUR)Lowest1.812.042.19
Adjusted earnings per share (in EUR)Number of Estimates777
Adjusted earnings per share (in EUR)Highest2.823.063.40
Adjusted earnings per share (in EUR)Consensus (Mean)2.612.612.762.98
Adjusted earnings per share (in EUR)Median2.602.722.89
Adjusted earnings per share (in EUR)Lowest2.392.502.74
Dividend per share (in EUR)Number of Estimates777
Dividend per share (in EUR)Highest1.011.111.17
Dividend per share (in EUR)Consensus (Mean)0.850.910.981.06
Dividend per share (in EUR)Median0.871.001.10
Dividend per share (in EUR)Lowest0.820.900.90
Operating free cash flowNumber of Estimates777
Operating free cash flowHighest166.0159.7171.0
Operating free cash flowConsensus (Mean)142.7137.3127.5138.2
Operating free cash flowMedian143.2149.3157.0
Operating free cash flowLowest113.473.684.9

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