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Last Update: 2022-07-26

Group overview (EURmn)Q2 2021Q2 2022eLowHighMedianFY 2021FY 2022eFY 2023eFY 2024e
- If PBT3092812143662851,0771,1081,1781,234
- Topdanmark PBT71451111239346325250260
- Hastings PBT38171125161276893107
- Mandatum PBT6558177660291270263265
- Holding PBT22742-1584531,331177-44-43
Group PBT7104443295504493,1711,9481,7401,824
Group net income5473442544203532,5671,4621,2681,332
EPS (EUR p/s)0.990.650.480.790.674.632.762.512.68
EPS adjusted (EUR p/s)0.820.560.480.680.552.862.382.462.63
- Insurance DPS (EUR p/s)NANANANANA1.701.791.891.99
- Other DPS (EUR p/s)NANANANANA2.401.470.490.01
DPS (EUR p/s)NANANANANA4.103.102.461.98
Buy-backs (EURmn)NANANANANA7501,355550173
Solvency II ratio (%)209218215223217185198NANA
If P&C
If GWP1,2431,2921,2751,3031,2955,1345,3705,5995,812
If net earned premiums1,1891,2391,2221,2511,2404,7724,9755,1635,337
If combined ratio80.780.174.583.680.981.381.481.981.8
If P&C UW profit230244204312228891914916953
If investment result903787044234195261280
If net income2462191852482248508849531,005
Hastings total revenue2222362092852248309581,0171,069
Hastings operating ratio78.0NANANANA80.387.185.584.9
Hastings P&C UW profit46NANANANA16498119129
Hastings live customer policies (mn)

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