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Last Update: 2021-11-26

Group overview (EURmn)Q4 2020Q4 2021eLowHighMedianFY 2020FY 2021eFY 2022eFY 2023e
- If PBT2852392122562419011,0571,0411,080
- Topdanmark PBT8249296748167305251260
- Hastings PBT-1636264336-16151152164
- Mandatum PBT54725415463154273254253
- Associates PBT-1,030550323916601-7221,18221043
- Holding ex associates PBT-500-2360-3-103-47-34-37
Group PBT-6759477291,3269823802,9211,8741,763
Group net income-8028326141,194846372,3511,3631,237
EPS (EUR p/s)-1.441.511.122.151.550.074.252.542.37
EPS adjusted (EUR p/s)0.650.680.491.040.592.162.992.322.45
- Insurance DPS (EUR p/s)NANANANANA1.601.801.942.02
- Other DPS (EUR p/s)NANANANANA0.102.301.290.71
DPS (EUR p/s)NANANANANA1.704.103.102.74
Buy-backs (EURmn)NANANANANANA3661,385890
Solvency II ratio (%)176211208214211176211NANA
P&C underwriting (EURmn)
Group P&C GWP1,2141,4351,4351,4351,4356,1387,523NANA
Group P&C combined ratio81.586.586.586.586.582.782.383.182.7
If P&C
If GWP9831,1041,0351,2411,0364,8235,1815,3145,442
If net earned premiums1,1421,2311,1741,4531,2094,4844,7744,9235,062
If combined ratio81.383.981.386.584.182.181.682.682.3
If P&C UW profit213188163208190802869854894
If investment result7646185748126207209207
If net income225180158202179706827823853
Hastings total revenueNA220195245220NA8631,0311,168
Hastings operating ratioNANANANANANA82.384.384.7
Hastings live customer policies (mn)NA3.

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