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Last Update: 2021-05-12

KPI[EUR m]Q2 2020FY 2020Q2 2021 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 EFY 2023 E
Net salesNumber of Estimates11111111
Net salesHighest718.12,862.72,959.03,057.0
Net salesConsensus686.42,786.4694.92,809.52,884.82,968.2
Net salesMedian695.62,813.22,912.83,007.0
Net salesLowest672.02,752.52,806.02,861.0
Reported EBITNumber of Estimates7799
Reported EBITHighest139.4360.7363.0412.0
Reported EBITConsensus-9.8146.7129.3349.7331.6355.9
Reported EBITMedian127.0353.0330.0351.0
Reported EBITLowest120.5326.8294.5297.7
Reported EBITANumber of Estimates6676
Reported EBITAHighest151.2404.5450.0458.0
Reported EBITAConsensus1.4192.2136.7380.2386.9402.0
Reported EBITAMedian135.5385.9377.0406.0
Reported EBITALowest122.7347.8322.4335.6
One time itemsNumber of Estimates6676
One time itemsHighest-
One time itemsConsensus79.0162.8-
One time itemsMedian-53.5-3.529.037.6
One time itemsLowest-57.4-19.0-29.19.0
PPA AmortizationNumber of Estimates5554
PPA AmortizationHighest11.847.247.147.1
PPA AmortizationConsensus11.245.511.446.145.445.8
PPA AmortizationMedian11.
PPA AmortizationLowest11.044.043.844.0
Adjusted EBITANumber of Estimates11111110
Adjusted EBITAHighest95.6390.8424.0457.0
Adjusted EBITAConsensus80.4355.083.4377.5405.0425.6
Adjusted EBITAMedian84.0383.0405.0424.7
Adjusted EBITALowest70.7343.3374.5377.7
Adjusted EBITA margin (in %)Number of Estimates11111110
Adjusted EBITA margin (in %)Highest13.314.115.116.0
Adjusted EBITA margin (in %)Consensus11.712.712.013.414.014.4
Adjusted EBITA margin (in %)Median12.213.614.214.3
Adjusted EBITA margin (in %)Lowest10.
Profit before taxesNumber of Estimates891111
Profit before taxesHighest133.1339.0363.0402.0
Profit before taxesConsensus-16.2122.4122.9318.5313.2339.3
Profit before taxesMedian120.5329.0307.0330.0
Profit before taxesLowest114.5256.1266.5269.7
Net profit after minorities for the periodNumber of Estimates781111
Net profit after minorities for the periodHighest114.3274.5287.0318.0
Net profit after minorities for the periodConsensus-14.194.5101.8253.6245.1266.1
Net profit after minorities for the periodMedian100.0264.8242.5263.0
Net profit after minorities for the periodLowest88.1203.6210.6213.1
Average number of shares outstanding (in million)Number of Estimates11111111
Average number of shares outstanding (in million)Highest118.4118.5118.6118.8
Average number of shares outstanding (in million)Consensus118.3118.4118.4118.3118.4118.4
Average number of shares outstanding (in million)Median118.4118.3118.3118.4
Average number of shares outstanding (in million)Lowest118.4118.3118.3118.4
EPS (in EUR)Number of Estimates781111
EPS (in EUR)Highest0.962.322.422.68
EPS (in EUR)Consensus-0.120.800.862.212.072.25
EPS (in EUR)Median0.852.262.052.22
EPS (in EUR)Lowest0.741.961.781.80
Adjusted EPS (in EUR)Number of Estimates10101010
Adjusted EPS (in EUR)Highest0.782.522.803.03
Adjusted EPS (in EUR)Consensus0.472.160.542.342.552.71
Adjusted EPS (in EUR)Median0.532.372.562.72
Adjusted EPS (in EUR)Lowest0.392.082.252.27
DPS (in EUR)Number of Estimates-111111
DPS (in EUR)Highest-1.501.701.80
DPS (in EUR)Consensus-1.32-1.411.501.58
DPS (in EUR)Median-1.361.481.57
DPS (in EUR)Lowest-1.321.371.40
Net debtNumber of Estimates-997
Net debtHighest-779.0660.0554.0
Net debtConsensus989.3883.3-705.1570.5416.8
Net debtMedian-737.0579.0496.9
Net debtLowest-581.0440.072.0
Cash flow from operationsNumber of Estimates-999
Cash flow from operationsHighest-494.0451.0496.0
Cash flow from operationsConsensus90.4354.7-383.3427.2450.6
Cash flow from operationsMedian-385.0430.6456.0
Cash flow from operationsLowest-227.0366.0353.0

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