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Consensus as of: 2024-04-15

At the occasion of its full year 2023 results, published on February 16th, 2024, Umicore provided a guidance for the year 2024 according to its new organizational structure with 4 Business Groups being: Battery Materials, Catalysis, Recycling and Specialty Materials (available on slide 29 of the FY 23 results presentation:  Please note that analysts’ estimates for the Business Groups Battery Materials and Specialty Materials are currently reported under the former Energy & Surface Technologies Business Group as sell-side analysts are in the process of adjusting their estimates to the new reporting structure. An update will be made available as soon as possible. 

KPI[EUR m]FY 2023FY 2024 EFY 2025 EFY 2026 E
Revenues (excluding metal)Number of Estimates131312
Revenues (excluding metal)Highest4,344.04,734.05,262.0
Revenues (excluding metal)Consensus3,876.03,953.74,266.94,550.5
Revenues (excluding metal)Median3,890.94,285.14,511.3
Revenues (excluding metal)Lowest3,778.53,913.03,987.0
Adjusted EBITDA (including associates)Number of Estimates141413
Adjusted EBITDA (including associates)Highest1,007.01,092.01,223.8
Adjusted EBITDA (including associates)Consensus972.0932.0996.71,077.0
Adjusted EBITDA (including associates)Median931.81,006.91,065.8
Adjusted EBITDA (including associates)Lowest905.0932.0932.0
Adjusted EBIT (including associates)Number of Estimates141413
Adjusted EBIT (including associates)Highest650.0749.2816.0
Adjusted EBIT (including associates)Consensus674.0604.8644.6684.0
Adjusted EBIT (including associates)Median604.0628.6658.0
Adjusted EBIT (including associates)Lowest579.3555.9556.0
EBIT reported (including associates, including non-recurring elements)Number of Estimates111110
EBIT reported (including associates, including non-recurring elements)Highest650.0749.2816.0
EBIT reported (including associates, including non-recurring elements)Consensus591.0586.7621.9641.7
EBIT reported (including associates, including non-recurring elements)Median587.9595.1630.8
EBIT reported (including associates, including non-recurring elements)Lowest534.0525.9506.0
Adjusted net profit (Group share)Number of Estimates131312
Adjusted net profit (Group share)Highest413.0493.5548.1
Adjusted net profit (Group share)Consensus447.0376.4397.8416.8
Adjusted net profit (Group share)Median377.0374.0397.7
Adjusted net profit (Group share)Lowest342.0338.7324.0
Net profit reported (Group share)Number of Estimates141413
Net profit reported (Group share)Highest413.0493.5548.1
Net profit reported (Group share)Consensus385.0370.2393.8416.9
Net profit reported (Group share)Median372.3385.2407.0
Net profit reported (Group share)Lowest316.0308.0286.0
Capital expenditure (Capex)Number of Estimates141413
Capital expenditure (Capex)Highest1,164.0928.7994.6
Capital expenditure (Capex)Consensus857.0858.9846.9828.5
Capital expenditure (Capex)Median857.5836.0818.0
Capital expenditure (Capex)Lowest637.3757.3671.0
Cash-flow from operations (after NWC)Number of Estimates666
Cash-flow from operations (after NWC)Highest887.0932.0921.5
Cash-flow from operations (after NWC)Consensus1,217.0620.4705.2783.4
Cash-flow from operations (after NWC)Median695.9697.3793.5
Cash-flow from operations (after NWC)Lowest53.1462.2592.3
Change in Net Working CapitalNumber of Estimates131212
Change in Net Working CapitalHighest498.6314.9329.2
Change in Net Working CapitalConsensus346.0-72.9-100.4-89.8
Change in Net Working CapitalMedian-62.2-124.6-128.5
Change in Net Working CapitalLowest-625.1-282.0-261.2
Net financial debt (+)/cash (-)Number of Estimates131312
Net financial debt (+)/cash (-)Highest2,231.92,656.13,028.6
Net financial debt (+)/cash (-)Consensus1,266.01,722.72,150.22,475.9
Net financial debt (+)/cash (-)Median1,693.02,176.82,527.6
Net financial debt (+)/cash (-)Lowest1,403.01,791.81,933.3
Capital employed (average)Number of Estimates665
Capital employed (average)Highest5,929.86,380.66,921.9
Capital employed (average)Consensus4,977.05,600.26,040.46,573.3
Capital employed (average)Median5,519.45,974.26,469.8
Capital employed (average)Lowest5,375.65,832.66,292.6
Adjusted EPS (basic)Number of Estimates131312
Adjusted EPS (basic)Highest1.722.052.28
Adjusted EPS (basic)Consensus1.861.571.661.74
Adjusted EPS (basic)Median1.571.561.65
Adjusted EPS (basic)Lowest1.421.411.35
EPS reported (basic)Number of Estimates141413
EPS reported (basic)Highest1.722.052.28
EPS reported (basic)Consensus1.601.541.631.73
EPS reported (basic)Median1.551.601.69
EPS reported (basic)Lowest1.311.281.19

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