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Last Update: 2023-03-17

KPI[EUR m]Q1 2022FY 2022Q1 2023 EFY 2023 EFY 2024 EFY 2025 E
Orders receivedNumber of Estimates6665
Orders receivedHighest1,149.04,517.04,607.04,716.0
Orders receivedAverage1,135.04,862.01,065.74,231.34,260.04,497.0
Orders receivedMedian1,055.54,230.04,161.54,503.0
Orders receivedLowest1,009.03,938.04,077.04,335.0
SalesNumber of Estimates7777
Comparable operating profitNumber of Estimates7777
Comparable operating profitHighest91.3441.0446.0474.0
Comparable operating profitAverage60.9316.376.8418.4398.6430.6
Comparable operating profitMedian76.5420.0402.0429.0
Comparable operating profitLowest70.0391.0337.0388.0
Items affecting comparability, totalNumber of Estimates7776
Items affecting comparability, totalHighest0.
Items affecting comparability, totalAverage-27.8-225.9-4.4-14.6-1.7-6.7
Items affecting comparability, totalMedian-5.5-
Items affecting comparability, totalLowest-10.0-32.0-32.0-32.0
Operating profit (EBIT)Number of Estimates7776
Operating profit (EBIT)Highest83.3421.0446.0474.0
Operating profit (EBIT)Average37.5106.172.5403.9396.9429.8
Operating profit (EBIT)Median71.9409.0394.0424.5
Operating profit (EBIT)Lowest60.0369.0358.0388.0
Income before taxesNumber of Estimates7776
Income before taxesHighest76.8401.0437.0476.0
Income before taxesAverage30.279.065.9380.0375.3412.3
Income before taxesMedian65.9386.0362.0401.5
Income before taxesLowest53.0338.0333.0364.0
Net income after minoritiesNumber of Estimates7776
Net income after minoritiesHighest54.4286.0310.0338.0
Net income after minoritiesAverage21.223.948.1272.9270.6300.4
Net income after minoritiesMedian48.7276.5268.0297.0
Net income after minoritiesLowest37.0236.0232.0262.1
Average number of shares (in million)Number of Estimates7776
Average number of shares (in million)Highest64.564.564.564.5
Average number of shares (in million)Average64.564.564.564.564.564.5
Average number of shares (in million)Median64.564.564.564.5
Average number of shares (in million)Lowest64.564.564.564.5
EPS reported (in Euro)Number of Estimates7776
EPS reported (in Euro)Highest0.844.444.815.24
EPS reported (in Euro)Average0.330.370.724.234.204.66
EPS reported (in Euro)Median0.764.294.164.61
EPS reported (in Euro)Lowest0.563.663.604.06
EPS excl. IAC (in Euro)Number of Estimates7776
EPS excl. IAC (in Euro)Highest0.974.714.815.24
EPS excl. IAC (in Euro)Average0.763.870.804.464.224.76
EPS excl. IAC (in Euro)Median0.764.444.444.83
EPS excl. IAC (in Euro)Lowest0.704.003.154.06
Dividend per class B share (in Euro)Number of Estimates-775
Dividend per class B share (in Euro)Highest-1.751.852.00
Dividend per class B share (in Euro)Average-1.35-1.571.661.76
Dividend per class B share (in Euro)Median-1.601.701.85
Dividend per class B share (in Euro)Lowest-1.401.451.50

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