Citycon Corporation Detailed Consensus
Last Update: 2020-11-11

KPI[EUR m]Q4 2019FY 2019Q4 2020 EFY 2020 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 E
Total income (GRI + Service charge)Number of Estimates5555
Total income (GRI + Service charge)Highest77.2297.0301.7308.4
Total income (GRI + Service charge)Average77.4309.275.0294.8294.0299.1
Total income (GRI + Service charge)Median74.2294.0295.0298.0
Total income (GRI + Service charge)Lowest74.0293.8287.4288.0
Gross rental income (GRI)Number of Estimates4444
Gross rental income (GRI)Highest57.4226.0229.7234.4
Gross rental income (GRI)Average56.9232.156.4225.1223.0226.9
Gross rental income (GRI)Median56.5225.3224.5228.0
Gross rental income (GRI)Lowest55.2223.8213.4217.0
Service chargeNumber of Estimates4444
Service chargeHighest20.271.474.075.0
Service chargeAverage20.577.
Service chargeMedian17.568.670.572.5
Service chargeLowest16.868.068.070.0
Net operating income / Net rental icome (NOI/NRI)Number of Estimates5555
Net operating income / Net rental icome (NOI/NRI)Highest55.8211.3217.2220.3
Net operating income / Net rental icome (NOI/NRI)Average53.5217.452.4207.9206.8211.7
Net operating income / Net rental icome (NOI/NRI)Median51.7207.2208.0211.0
Net operating income / Net rental icome (NOI/NRI)Lowest50.5206.0197.6202.0
Direct operating profitNumber of Estimates5555
Direct operating profitHighest49.5186.8191.4193.8
Direct operating profitAverage47.1193.545.6182.9180.0183.6
Direct operating profitMedian45.2182.5182.0184.0
Direct operating profitLowest43.0180.0171.0167.0
Profit attr to shareholders Number of Estimates5555
Profit attr to shareholders Highest30.511.087.081.0
Profit attr to shareholders Average-25.78.9-9.4-28.7-9.527.4
Profit attr to shareholders Median-17.1-36.513.948.9
Profit attr to shareholders Lowest-54.5-74.0-119.0-91.0
EPRA EarningsNumber of Estimates2222
EPRA EarningsHighest33.2137.8120.4137.8
EPRA EarningsAverage35.6145.624.3128.9119.7129.9
EPRA EarningsMedian24.3128.9119.7129.9
EPRA EarningsLowest15.4120.0119.0122.0
Issue-adjusted number of shares (in million)Number of Estimates5555
Issue-adjusted number of shares (in million)Highest178.0178.0178.0178.0
Issue-adjusted number of shares (in million)Average178.0178.0178.0178.0178.0178.0
Issue-adjusted number of shares (in million)Median178.0178.0178.0178.0
Issue-adjusted number of shares (in million)Lowest178.0178.0178.0178.0
EPS basic (in Euro)Number of Estimates5555
EPS basic (in Euro)Highest0.1710.0620.4890.455
EPS basic (in Euro)Average-0.1500.040-0.053-0.162-0.0540.154
EPS basic (in Euro)Median-0.096-0.2050.0780.275
EPS basic (in Euro)Lowest-0.306-0.416-0.669-0.511
Adjusted EPS / EPRA EPSNumber of Estimates3333
Adjusted EPS / EPRA EPSHighest0.1900.7740.7500.774
Adjusted EPS / EPRA EPSAverage0.1910.8090.1540.7260.6980.743
Adjusted EPS / EPRA EPSMedian0.1870.7300.6760.770
Adjusted EPS / EPRA EPSLowest0.0870.6740.6690.685
Dividend per ShareNumber of Estimates-555
Dividend per ShareHighest-0.540.500.58
Dividend per ShareAverage-0.65-0.500.450.44
Dividend per ShareMedian-0.500.440.40
Dividend per ShareLowest-0.400.400.34
EPRA NAV per shareNumber of Estimates-555
EPRA NAV per shareHighest-12.6011.4311.10
EPRA NAV per shareAverage12.2812.28-11.2810.399.97
EPRA NAV per shareMedian-10.9010.129.99
EPRA NAV per shareLowest-10.599.008.55

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