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Last Update: 2019-10-21

KPI[EUR m]FY 2018FY 2019 EFY 2020 EFY 2021 E
Net SalesNumber of Estimates665
Net SalesHighest940.6963.3993.8
Net SalesConsensus911.8937.8958.2981.5
Net SalesMedian937.5959.2979.0
Net SalesLowest935.0950.0975.7
Mobile service revenuesNumber of Estimates333
Mobile service revenuesHighest485.1515.1545.2
Mobile service revenuesConsensus454.4483.2505.5529.4
Mobile service revenuesMedian485.0509.0533.0
Mobile service revenuesLowest479.4492.5510.1
EBITDANumber of Estimates554
EBITNumber of Estimates665
Net result for the periodNumber of Estimates665
Net result for the periodHighest112.2125.2136.9
Net result for the periodConsensus102.2106.5119.2129.3
Net result for the periodMedian105.5118.0130.0
Net result for the periodLowest103.0113.0121.0
Earnings per share (in EUR)Number of Estimates665
Earnings per share (in EUR)Highest0.850.951.04
Earnings per share (in EUR)Consensus0.770.810.900.98
Earnings per share (in EUR)Median0.800.890.98
Earnings per share (in EUR)Lowest0.780.850.92
Dividend per share (in EUR)Number of Estimates665
Dividend per share (in EUR)Highest1.101.161.22
Dividend per share (in EUR)Consensus1.100.850.930.99
Dividend per share (in EUR)Median0.760.870.95
Dividend per share (in EUR)Lowest0.700.750.80
Operative CapexNumber of Estimates554
Operative CapexHighest-135.0-136.0-136.2
Operative CapexConsensus-133.9-140.9-140.0-141.6
Operative CapexMedian-142.0-139.0-143.0
Operative CapexLowest-146.0-145.0-144.0
Free Cash flow to equityNumber of Estimates333
Free Cash flow to equityHighest153.0162.5170.3
Free Cash flow to equityConsensus72.0105.7135.8152.4
Free Cash flow to equityMedian105.0129.0146.0
Free Cash flow to equityLowest59.0116.0141.0

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