Consensus Forecast
as of September 25, 2023

Please note that we only considered estimates updated after HY 2023 results (July 21, 2023)

KPIin CHF mnFY 2022FY 2023 EFY 2024 EFY 2025 E
SalesNumber of Estimates202019
SalesConsensus (Mean)6,2236,4127,1097,982
Sales growth (in %)Number of Estimates202019
Sales growth (in %)Highest7.714.815.1
Sales growth (in %)Consensus (Mean)
Sales growth (in %)Median2.610.612.2
Sales growth (in %)Lowest-
Growth at CER (in %)Number of Estimates101110
Growth at CER (in %)Highest6.514.814.3
Growth at CER (in %)Consensus (Mean)
Growth at CER (in %)Median6.211.612.0
Growth at CER (in %)Lowest4.910.39.6
CORE EBITDANumber of Estimates202018
CORE EBITDAHighest1,9372,3312,796
CORE EBITDAConsensus (Mean)1,9951,8322,1812,539
CORE EBITDAMedian1,8302,1752,537
CORE EBITDALowest1,7572,0102,269
CORE EBITDA margin (in %)Number of Estimates202018
CORE EBITDA margin (in %)Highest29.031.534.4
CORE EBITDA margin (in %)Consensus (Mean)32.128.630.731.8
CORE EBITDA margin (in %)Median28.530.931.9
CORE EBITDA margin (in %)Lowest27.929.630.2
CORE net incomeNumber of Estimates171715
CORE net incomeHighest1,2121,4531,705
CORE net incomeConsensus (Mean)1,0979551,1711,419
CORE net incomeMedian9401,1311,425
CORE net incomeLowest8291,0421,180
CORE EPS diluted (in CHF)Number of Estimates181817
CORE EPS diluted (in CHF)Highest16.3319.6323.73
CORE EPS diluted (in CHF)Consensus (Mean)14.7112.9916.3419.89
CORE EPS diluted (in CHF)Median12.8016.0020.10
CORE EPS diluted (in CHF)Lowest11.2014.3516.42
EPS reported diluted (in CHF)Number of Estimates161616
EPS reported diluted (in CHF)Highest14.3318.1823.62
EPS reported diluted (in CHF)Consensus (Mean)16.3412.0515.7119.37
EPS reported diluted (in CHF)Median11.9815.7219.58
EPS reported diluted (in CHF)Lowest10.3014.1016.42
Dividend (in CHF)Number of Estimates191918
Dividend (in CHF)Highest4.035.005.32
Dividend (in CHF)Consensus (Mean)3.503.573.864.19
Dividend (in CHF)Median3.503.754.00
Dividend (in CHF)Lowest2.983.263.36
Operating Cash FlowNumber of Estimates131313
Operating Cash FlowHighest1,8252,2152,554
Operating Cash FlowConsensus (Mean)1,0201,5361,7981,983
Operating Cash FlowMedian1,5521,7391,984
Operating Cash FlowLowest1,2351,4921,678
Capex (excluding acquisitions)Number of Estimates191918
Capex (excluding acquisitions)Highest2,0051,8791,870
Capex (excluding acquisitions)Consensus (Mean)1,8721,8601,6621,540
Capex (excluding acquisitions)Median1,8951,6721,536
Capex (excluding acquisitions)Lowest1,4899171,238

CORE Definition

Lonza believes that disclosing CORE results of the Group´s performance enhances the financial markets´ understanding of our company because the CORE results enable better comparison across years.

Therefore, the CORE results exclude exceptional items such as restructuring charges, acquisition-related costs, environmental-remediation costs, impairments and amortization of acquisition-related intangible assets, which can differ significantly from year to year. For this same reason, Lonza uses these CORE results in addition to IFRS as important factors in internally assessing the Group´s performance.

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