Siegfried Detailed Consensus
Consensus as of: 2024-02-07

KPI[CHF m]H2 2022FY 2022H2 2023 EFY 2023 EFY 2024 EFY 2025 E
Net Sales totalNumber of Estimates12121212
Net Sales totalHighest6771,2841,3871,507
Net Sales totalConsensus (Mean)6431,2306671,2741,3321,437
Net Sales totalMedian6691,2761,3331,434
Net Sales totalLowest6581,2651,2801,365
Net Sales Drug Substances Number of Estimates12121212
Net Sales Drug Substances Highest4718699381,005
Net Sales Drug Substances Consensus (Mean)414754460858906975
Net Sales Drug Substances Median463861906978
Net Sales Drug Substances Lowest433831859898
Net Sales Drug Products Number of Estimates12121212
Net Sales Drug Products Highest225434470517
Net Sales Drug Products Consensus (Mean)229476207416426462
Net Sales Drug Products Median206414428463
Net Sales Drug Products Lowest197406373399
Growth at CER Number of Estimates9101010
Growth at CER Highest7.77.38.511.3
Growth at CER Consensus (Mean)-
Growth at CER Median6.
Growth at CER Lowest3.
Gross Profit Number of Estimates12121212
Gross Profit Highest173321352395
Gross Profit Consensus (Mean)162319166313337372
Gross Profit Median166314341379
Gross Profit Lowest153301316342
SG&A Number of Estimates10101010
SG&A Highest-24-74-76-78
SG&A Consensus (Mean)-1-49-44-93-94-100
SG&A Median-45-94-95-101
SG&A Lowest-55-104-102-111
EBIT Number of Estimates12121212
EBIT Highest123205216241
EBIT Consensus (Mean)142231101183204231
EBIT Median99181206234
EBIT Lowest88170186208
Core EBITNumber of Estimates12121212
Core EBITHighest107194220249
Core EBITConsensus (Mean)9919199186204231
Core EBITMedian99187205233
Core EBITLowest88175186208
EBITDA Number of Estimates11111111
EBITDA Highest169290301337
EBITDA Consensus (Mean)185313146267293328
EBITDA Median143264292328
EBITDA Lowest140260284321
Core EBITDA Number of Estimates12121212
Core EBITDA Highest150276302338
Core EBITDA Consensus (Mean)142273145270292326
Core EBITDA Median146272292328
Core EBITDA Lowest137263275301
Taxes Number of Estimates12121212
Taxes Highest-12-31-37-42
Taxes Consensus (Mean)-41-62-20-40-44-50
Taxes Median-21-41-43-49
Taxes Lowest-26-46-50-58
Net Income Number of Estimates12121212
Net Income Highest91147168188
Net Income Consensus (Mean)9415676131151173
Net Income Median75130151174
Net Income Lowest66121140158
Core Net Income Number of Estimates11111111
Core Net Income Highest87146171190
Core Net Income Consensus (Mean)6212875134152173
Core Net Income Median77135152176
Core Net Income Lowest65124140156
EPS diluted Number of Estimates11121212
EPS diluted Highest22.0335.1139.5244.25
EPS diluted Consensus (Mean)21.8036.2817.6530.6235.2440.18
EPS diluted Median17.3630.4835.2039.80
EPS diluted Lowest15.3928.3832.8437.08
Core EPS diluted Number of Estimates9999
Core EPS diluted Highest20.6634.5040.2744.81
Core EPS diluted Consensus (Mean)-29.6317.6031.3535.2339.62
Core EPS diluted Median17.5231.3634.9439.32
Core EPS diluted Lowest15.4029.2432.8437.06
Dividend Number of Estimates-999
Dividend Highest-4.004.505.00
Dividend Consensus (Mean)-3.40-3.623.874.10
Dividend Median-3.603.804.00
Dividend Lowest-3.503.703.90
Cash flow from Operations Number of Estimates12121212
Cash flow from Operations Highest193272364319
Cash flow from Operations Consensus (Mean)66142130209234249
Cash flow from Operations Median133212227247
Cash flow from Operations Lowest72151181193
CapEx (excluding acquisitions) Number of Estimates12121212
CapEx (excluding acquisitions) Highest-56-120-123-131
CapEx (excluding acquisitions) Consensus (Mean)-43-104-83-147-155-154
CapEx (excluding acquisitions) Median-80-145-156-155
CapEx (excluding acquisitions) Lowest-113-177-189-173

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