Analyst Estimates as of November 05, 2019
* excl. insurance proceeds / excl. Versicherungsleistungen

KPIin € millionFY 2018FY 2019 EFY 2020 E
SalesNo of Est.99
EBITDA*No of Est.99
EBIT* No of Est.99
EBIT* Highest118.0278.5
EBIT* Average389.6106.5239.5
EBIT* Lowest98.0208.5
Net incomeNo of Est.88
Net incomeHighest140.0185.0
Net incomeAverage260.1120.3148.0
Net incomeLowest103.0115.0
Earnings per share (in €)No of Est.88
Earnings per share (in €)Highest2.543.73
Earnings per share (in €)Average4.952.222.77
Earnings per share (in €)Lowest1.942.03
Target Prices (in €)
No of Est. 20
Highest 105.00
Average 75.48
Lowest 61.00
Positive 20.0%
Neutral 70.0%
Negative 10.0%

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The earnings estimates of the following institutions were included in the above figures
Baader Helvea, Berenberg Bank, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, DZ Bank, Exane BNP Paribas, LBBW, Société Générale, Warburg Research.

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