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Last Update: 2021-05-25

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“The historic Q2 and FY 2020 numbers below reflect the changes and restatements of the General Medicine segment.”

KPI[EUR m]Q2 2020FY 2020Q2 2021 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 EFY 2023 EFY 2024 EFY 2025 E
Net salesNumber of Estimates131414141414
Net salesHighest8,63037,52840,90443,26546,54551,021
Net salesConsensus (Mean)8,20736,0418,41536,87838,86040,30542,23544,622
Net salesLowest7,94036,20837,65738,71340,09941,638
Other revenuesNumber of Estimates131414141414
Other revenuesHighest3451,4571,6141,7021,7891,862
Other revenuesConsensus (Mean)2311,3282831,3831,4541,5061,5541,598
Other revenuesLowest2361,2881,3271,3551,3801,406
Cost of salesNumber of Estimates131414141414
Cost of salesHighest-2,531-11,342-11,109-11,463-11,862-12,599
Cost of salesConsensus (Mean)-2,660-12,104-2,697-12,105-12,414-12,804-13,290-13,930
Cost of salesLowest-2,860-12,374-13,018-13,691-14,457-15,496
Gross ProfitNumber of Estimates131414141414
Gross ProfitHighest6,20426,52529,32731,06133,62737,120
Gross ProfitConsensus (Mean)5,77825,2656,00226,15727,90029,00830,49932,291
Gross ProfitLowest5,59525,71627,01927,77928,74529,786
- as % of net sales (gross margin)Number of Estimates131414141414
- as % of net sales (gross margin)Highest72.572.674.474.574.874.9
- as % of net sales (gross margin)Consensus (Mean)70.470.171.370.971.872.072.272.4
- as % of net sales (gross margin)Lowest69.770.371.170.971.371.1
R&D expensesNumber of Estimates131414141414
R&D expensesHighest-1,323-5,431-5,440-5,483-5,540-5,597
R&D expensesConsensus (Mean)-1,352-5,529-1,385-5,656-5,704-5,786-5,888-6,013
R&D expensesLowest-1,466-5,812-5,948-6,131-6,295-6,418
SG&A expensesNumber of Estimates131414141414
SG&A expensesHighest-2,117-9,016-8,754-8,903-8,875-8,780
SG&A expensesConsensus (Mean)-2,265-9,390-2,212-9,245-9,173-9,258-9,380-9,553
SG&A expensesLowest-2,270-9,425-9,490-9,829-10,380-10,929
Other current operating income/expenseNumber of Estimates131414141414
Other current operating income/expenseHighest-75-441-556-642-661-740
Other current operating income/expenseConsensus (Mean)-8-562-285-1,030-1,507-1,877-2,210-2,530
Other current operating income/expenseLowest-383-1,440-1,954-2,476-2,893-3,267
Share of profit/loss of associatesNumber of Estimates131414141414
Share of profit/loss of associatesHighest76060108117125
Share of profit/loss of associatesConsensus (Mean)21621521283235
Share of profit/loss of associatesLowest-8-29-25-755
Net income attributable to non-controlling interestsNumber of Estimates131414141414
Net income attributable to non-controlling interestsHighest-5-34-10-10-10-10
Net income attributable to non-controlling interestsConsensus (Mean)-9-38-9-39-36-36-36-36
Net income attributable to non-controlling interestsLowest-15-58-48-49-50-51
Business operating incomeNumber of Estimates131414141414
Business operating incomeHighest2,34410,42912,21913,12614,68916,940
Business operating incomeConsensus (Mean)2,1469,7622,11210,20211,50212,07913,01814,194
Business operating incomeLowest1,5939,87210,16910,38210,87611,712
- as % of net sales (operating margin)Number of Estimates131414141414
- as % of net sales (operating margin)Highest27.
- as % of net sales (operating margin)Consensus (Mean)
- as % of net sales (operating margin)Lowest20.127.126.826.527.027.8
Financial income & expenseNumber of Estimates131414141414
Financial income & expenseHighest-62-247-200-150-7737
Financial income & expenseConsensus (Mean)-92-337-82-334-290-258-220-186
Financial income & expenseLowest-103-429-397-369-394-405
- % tax rateNumber of Estimates131414141414
- % tax rateHighest-20.9-20.9-20.6-20.5-20.4-20.3
- % tax rateConsensus (Mean)-22.0-22.0-21.2-21.1-21.1-21.1-21.1-21.1
- % tax rateLowest-22.0-22.0-22.0-22.0-22.0-22.0
Business net incomeNumber of Estimates131414141414
Business net incomeHighest1,7927,9849,40410,15011,42513,222
Business net incomeConsensus (Mean)1,6017,3471,5987,7798,8419,32310,09611,052
Business net incomeLowest1,1907,5597,8408,0418,4629,146
- as % of net sales (net profit margin)Number of Estimates131414141414
- as % of net sales (net profit margin)Highest20.821.623.324.124.925.9
- as % of net sales (net profit margin)Consensus (Mean)19.520.419.021.122.723.123.924.7
- as % of net sales (net profit margin)Lowest15.020.620.720.521.021.7
Number of sharesNumber of Estimates131414141414
Number of sharesHighest1,2541,2571,2561,2571,2581,259
Number of sharesConsensus (Mean)1,2521,2541,2491,2491,2481,2471,2461,244
Number of sharesLowest1,2431,2431,2341,2221,2091,197
Business EPS (in EUR)Number of Estimates131414141414
Business EPS (in EUR)Highest1.436.397.568.169.1810.62
Business EPS (in EUR)Consensus (Mean)1.285.861.
Business EPS (in EUR)Lowest0.956.056.286.446.777.32
Dividend Per Share (in EUR)Number of Estimates-1313131313
Dividend Per Share (in EUR)Highest-3.443.864.164.645.12
Dividend Per Share (in EUR)Consensus (Mean)-3.20-3.313.493.703.894.11
Dividend Per Share (in EUR)Lowest-3.253.303.353.413.46

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