SUSE Detailed Consensus
Consensus as of: 2023-07-26 (Last Update: 2024-06-16)

Note: All FY 2021 estimates are on a pro forma basis, including the aquisition of Rancher Labs. The pro forma adjustments made are in line with company disclosure.

KPIUSD mQ3 2022FY 2022Q3 2023 EFY 2023 EFY 2024 EFY 2025 E
ACV by Solution, CoreNumber of Estimates6666
ACV by Solution, CoreHighest104.4451.2500.5555.5
ACV by Solution, CoreConsensus (Mean)93.2429.196.7436.4469.6511.7
ACV by Solution, CoreMedian98.4436.3466.1507.7
ACV by Solution, CoreLowest86.0424.7456.3481.3
ACV by Solution, EmergingNumber of Estimates6666
ACV by Solution, EmergingHighest28.7122.3154.0192.5
ACV by Solution, EmergingConsensus (Mean)21.2106.824.3116.1134.7162.9
ACV by Solution, EmergingMedian23.5115.6128.6155.2
ACV by Solution, EmergingLowest21.9110.5122.7135.0
ACV by Solution, TotalNumber of Estimates6666
ACV by Solution, TotalHighest132.6573.5654.5748.0
ACV by Solution, TotalConsensus (Mean)114.4535.9120.9552.5604.3674.5
ACV by Solution, TotalMedian121.9551.5596.4662.0
ACV by Solution, TotalLowest107.9535.2578.9616.3
Adjusted revenue, CoreNumber of Estimates6666
Adjusted revenue, CoreHighest139.1559.2597.0653.3
Adjusted revenue, CoreConsensus (Mean)142.9546.8134.2553.7587.4634.6
Adjusted revenue, CoreMedian133.8553.7589.6632.9
Adjusted revenue, CoreLowest131.8549.8574.4618.0
Adjusted revenue, EmergingNumber of Estimates6666
Adjusted revenue, EmergingHighest30.1129.8156.1199.3
Adjusted revenue, EmergingConsensus (Mean)28.3111.029.3124.0137.4164.1
Adjusted revenue, EmergingMedian29.5122.9137.8161.7
Adjusted revenue, EmergingLowest28.1121.1123.2142.1
Adjusted revenue, TotalNumber of Estimates6666
Adjusted revenue, TotalHighest168.9682.3749.9852.6
Adjusted revenue, TotalConsensus (Mean)171.2657.8163.6677.7724.9798.7
Adjusted revenue, TotalMedian162.7677.9719.3793.4
Adjusted revenue, TotalLowest161.1671.0709.7763.2
Adjusted EBITDANumber of Estimates6666
Adjusted EBITDAHighest56.7239.9264.8307.4
Adjusted EBITDAConsensus (Mean)65.1241.953.5234.7250.1282.8
Adjusted EBITDAMedian52.9234.1250.6280.6
Adjusted EBITDALowest51.2231.5237.7268.7
Adjusted EBITDA margin (%)Number of Estimates6666
Adjusted EBITDA margin (%)Highest35353537
Adjusted EBITDA margin (%)Consensus (Mean)383733353435
Adjusted EBITDA margin (%)Median32353535
Adjusted EBITDA margin (%)Lowest32343335
Adjusted Cash EBITDANumber of Estimates5666
Adjusted Cash EBITDAHighest58.0221.7294.8342.6
Adjusted Cash EBITDAConsensus (Mean)46.2295.235.6200.1246.1296.1
Adjusted Cash EBITDAMedian34.9212.1253.2297.2
Adjusted Cash EBITDALowest8.8150.7181.8259.4
Adjusted Cash EBITDA margin (%)Number of Estimates5666
Adjusted Cash EBITDA margin (%)Highest36334143
Adjusted Cash EBITDA margin (%)Consensus (Mean)274522303437
Adjusted Cash EBITDA margin (%)Median21313537
Adjusted Cash EBITDA margin (%)Lowest5222533
Adjusted unlevered Free Cash FlowNumber of Estimates4666
Adjusted unlevered Free Cash FlowHighest44.3159.5208.8234.0
Adjusted unlevered Free Cash FlowConsensus (Mean)61.5187.735.0131.6175.6203.7
Adjusted unlevered Free Cash FlowMedian43.4121.8182.2205.9
Adjusted unlevered Free Cash FlowLowest9.1109.5137.8170.6
Net debt (at period end)Number of Estimates4666
Net debt (at period end)Highest511.5515.9403.1257.0
Net debt (at period end)Consensus (Mean)604.0557.7487.6472.9325.3166.0
Net debt (at period end)Median487.2474.5302.1166.6
Net debt (at period end)Lowest464.4404.6265.572.9

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