Symrise Detailed Consensus
Last Update: 2021-02-02

Please note that from Q1 2019 onwards Symrise will only report sales figures and growth components for Q1 and Q3/9m. FY and H1 will be unchanged.

*) Adjusted for ADF/IDF transaction cost / including IFRS 16 effect

KPI[EUR m]Q4 2019FY 2019Q4 2020 EFY 2020 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 E
SalesNumber of Estimates20201919
Price/Volume (%)Number of Estimates8131210
Price/Volume (%)Highest4.
Price/Volume (%)Consensus5.
Price/Volume (%)Median0.
Price/Volume (%)Lowest-
M&A (%)Number of Estimates8131210
M&A (%)Highest2.
M&A (%)Consensus4.
M&A (%)Median1.
M&A (%)Lowest0.
FX (%)Number of Estimates8131210
FX (%)Highest-6.4-
FX (%)Consensus1.71.3-7.4-4.3-2.70.0
FX (%)Median-7.3-4.5-2.60.0
FX (%)Lowest-9.1-4.8-4.50.0
EBITDA normalized*Number of Estimates-202020
EBITDA normalized*Highest-775.0843.0897.7
EBITDA normalized*Consensus-707.2-758.6802.5852.5
EBITDA normalized*Median-763.4804.5849.5
EBITDA normalized*Lowest-739.5770.0793.0
EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Number of Estimates-201919
EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Highest-21.922.122.4
EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Consensus-20.8-21.421.721.8
EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Median-21.521.721.9
EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Lowest-21.021.320.9
EBITDA reportedNumber of Estimates-202020
EBITDA reportedHighest-775.0843.0897.7
EBITDA reportedConsensus-690.9-758.6802.5852.5
EBITDA reportedMedian-763.4804.5849.5
EBITDA reportedLowest-739.5770.0793.0
EBITDA-margin (%) reportedNumber of Estimates-201919
EBITDA-margin (%) reportedHighest-21.922.122.4
EBITDA-margin (%) reportedConsensus-20.3-21.421.721.8
EBITDA-margin (%) reportedMedian-21.521.721.9
EBITDA-margin (%) reportedLowest-21.021.320.9
EBIT reportedNumber of Estimates-191919
EBIT reportedHighest-532.0574.0630.0
EBIT reportedConsensus-464.2-507.9549.5595.1
EBIT reportedMedian-511.0551.2593.8
EBIT reportedLowest-478.7517.9555.0
EBIT-margin (%) reportedNumber of Estimates-191919
EBIT-margin (%) reportedHighest-15.015.716.0
EBIT-margin (%) reportedConsensus-13.6-14.314.915.3
EBIT-margin (%) reportedMedian-14.314.815.3
EBIT-margin (%) reportedLowest-13.614.113.8
Profit before taxNumber of Estimates-181818
Profit before taxHighest-487.0527.2598.4
Profit before taxConsensus-418.4-454.7502.0553.5
Profit before taxMedian-457.3499.7558.8
Profit before taxLowest-429.0467.9501.7
Reported Income for the yearNumber of Estimates-181818
Reported Income for the yearHighest-355.0382.5435.0
Reported Income for the yearConsensus-298.3-324.9359.6397.9
Reported Income for the yearMedian-329.0359.9402.0
Reported Income for the yearLowest-301.0329.1356.3
Average number of shares (in million)Number of Estimates-171717
Average number of shares (in million)Highest-139.80139.80139.80
Average number of shares (in million)Consensus-134.80-135.58135.60135.60
Average number of shares (in million)Median-135.40135.40135.40
Average number of shares (in million)Lowest-134.77134.80134.80
EPS attributable to the shareholders of Symrise - basic reportedNumber of Estimates-181919
EPS attributable to the shareholders of Symrise - basic reportedHighest-2.622.823.21
EPS attributable to the shareholders of Symrise - basic reportedConsensus-2.21-2.402.662.94
EPS attributable to the shareholders of Symrise - basic reportedMedian-2.432.662.97
EPS attributable to the shareholders of Symrise - basic reportedLowest-2.222.432.63
DividendNumber of Estimates-171716
Scent & Care, SalesNumber of Estimates1212129
Scent & Care, SalesHighest339.81,396.41,542.01,622.2
Scent & Care, SalesConsensus349.61,419.1327.91,384.51,466.21,549.6
Scent & Care, SalesMedian326.51,383.11,450.51,543.8
Scent & Care, SalesLowest314.21,370.81,403.41,479.2
Scent & Care Price/Volume (%)Number of Estimates912129
Scent & Care Price/Volume (%)Highest4.83.510.17.0
Scent & Care Price/Volume (%)Consensus5.
Scent & Care Price/Volume (%)Median0.
Scent & Care Price/Volume (%)Lowest-
Scent & Care M&A (%)Number of Estimates811119
Scent & Care M&A (%)Highest1.
Scent & Care M&A (%)Consensus0.
Scent & Care M&A (%)Median0.
Scent & Care M&A (%)Lowest0.
Scent & Care FX (%)Number of Estimates811119
Scent & Care FX (%)Highest-5.3-3.6-0.81.3
Scent & Care FX (%)Consensus1.61.5-7.7-5.0-2.90.1
Scent & Care FX (%)Median-7.7-5.1-2.90.0
Scent & Care FX (%)Lowest-10.2-5.7-4.60.0
Scent & Care, EBITDA reportedNumber of Estimates-12129
Scent & Care, EBITDA reportedHighest-290.0316.0338.9
Scent & Care, EBITDA reportedConsensus-278.0-281.4303.3325.9
Scent & Care, EBITDA reportedMedian-282.5304.0324.2
Scent & Care, EBITDA reportedLowest-267.3290.0308.0
Scent & Care, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedNumber of Estimates-12129
Scent & Care, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedHighest-21.021.521.6
Scent & Care, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedConsensus-19.6-20.320.721.0
Scent & Care, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedMedian-20.420.521.0
Scent & Care, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedLowest-19.520.219.8
Flavor, SalesNumber of Estimates1212129
Flavor, SalesHighest283.71,233.01,283.01,365.7
Flavor, SalesConsensus291.81,257.3272.61,222.01,252.41,318.1
Flavor, SalesMedian274.41,223.81,249.71,307.6
Flavor, SalesLowest251.71,201.01,224.01,267.0
Flavor Price/Volume (%)Number of Estimates912129
Flavor Price/Volume (%)Highest2.
Flavor Price/Volume (%)Consensus3.13.8-
Flavor Price/Volume (%)Median0.
Flavor Price/Volume (%)Lowest-3.5-
Flavor M&A (%)Number of Estimates811119
Flavor M&A (%)Highest0.
Flavor M&A (%)Consensus0.
Flavor M&A (%)Median0.
Flavor M&A (%)Lowest0.
Flavor FX (%)Number of Estimates811119
Flavor FX (%)Highest-5.8-2.9-0.81.3
Flavor FX (%)Consensus1.71.8-6.9-3.4-2.70.1
Flavor FX (%)Median-6.9-3.3-2.60.0
Flavor FX (%)Lowest-8.0-3.7-4.50.0
Flavor, EBITDA reportedNumber of Estimates-12129
Flavor, EBITDA reportedHighest-287.9302.5336.0
Flavor, EBITDA reportedConsensus-268.5-276.6284.4300.6
Flavor, EBITDA reportedMedian-277.8282.5295.5
Flavor, EBITDA reportedLowest-266.7271.1281.3
Flavor, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedNumber of Estimates-12129
Flavor, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedHighest-23.523.924.6
Flavor, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedConsensus-21.4-22.622.722.8
Flavor, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedMedian-22.822.722.7
Flavor, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedLowest-21.821.821.9
Nutrition, SalesNumber of Estimates1212129
Nutrition, SalesHighest255.2952.0995.01,079.3
Nutrition, SalesConsensus215.5731.5229.9926.7973.61,055.3
Nutrition, SalesMedian227.8924.7980.51,063.4
Nutrition, SalesLowest203.0899.8935.0998.2
Nutrition Price/Volume (%)Number of Estimates812129
Nutrition Price/Volume (%)Highest8.28.810.010.0
Nutrition Price/Volume (%)Consensus7.
Nutrition Price/Volume (%)Median3.
Nutrition Price/Volume (%)Lowest2.
Nutrition M&A (%)Number of Estimates711119
Nutrition M&A (%)Highest8.
Nutrition M&A (%)Consensus19.15.06.323.90.10.4
Nutrition M&A (%)Median7.
Nutrition M&A (%)Lowest0.
Nutrition FX (%)Number of Estimates711119
Nutrition FX (%)Highest-5.9-3.7-1.20.1
Nutrition FX (%)Consensus2.20.1-7.6-4.8-3.10.0
Nutrition FX (%)Median-7.7-4.9-2.70.0
Nutrition FX (%)Lowest-8.8-5.5-4.90.0
Nutrition, EBITDA normalized*Number of Estimates-12129
Nutrition, EBITDA normalized*Highest-212.0230.0253.6
Nutrition, EBITDA normalized*Consensus-160.7-200.5215.3236.6
Nutrition, EBITDA normalized*Median-199.6216.0242.0
Nutrition, EBITDA normalized*Lowest-185.9200.0215.3
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Number of Estimates-12129
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Highest-22.623.524.0
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Consensus-22.0-21.622.122.4
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Median-21.822.522.6
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) normalized*Lowest-20.220.720.2
Nutrition, EBITDA reportedNumber of Estimates-12129
Nutrition, EBITDA reportedHighest-212.0230.0253.6
Nutrition, EBITDA reportedConsensus-144.4-200.5215.3236.6
Nutrition, EBITDA reportedMedian-199.6216.0242.0
Nutrition, EBITDA reportedLowest-185.9200.0215.3
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedNumber of Estimates-12129
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedHighest-22.623.524.0
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedConsensus-19.7-21.622.122.4
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedMedian-21.822.522.6
Nutrition, EBITDA-margin (%) reportedLowest-20.220.720.2

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