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Last Update: 2022-05-18

Following the 3:1 share split in Q2 2020 EPS & DPS are calculated with the post-split number of shares; historic values are restated.

Kesko Senukai is treated as a subsidiary up to Q2 2020 and from Q3 2020 onwards is it treated as a JV.

KPI[EUR m]Q2 2021FY 2021Q2 2022 EFY 2022 EFY 2023 EFY 2024 E
Net SalesNumber of Estimates7888
Net SalesHighest3,214.012,052.012,076.012,445.0
Net SalesConsensus2,988.211,300.23,129.311,766.911,904.512,175.6
Net SalesMedian3,132.011,787.011,912.012,199.0
Net SalesLowest3,067.011,463.011,670.011,950.0
Operating Profit reportedNumber of Estimates6888
Operating Profit reportedHighest237.8816.0774.0798.0
Operating Profit reportedConsensus218.1775.2225.6786.2747.5757.3
Operating Profit reportedMedian224.5787.5748.0754.0
Operating Profit reportedLowest219.0736.0709.0725.0
Items affecting comparabilityNumber of Estimates7888
Items affecting comparabilityHighest1.
Items affecting comparabilityConsensus-1.4-
Items affecting comparabilityMedian0.
Items affecting comparabilityLowest0.0-
Comparable Operating ProfitNumber of Estimates7888
Comparable Operating ProfitHighest237.8816.0774.0798.0
Comparable Operating ProfitConsensus219.4775.5225.7785.9747.5757.3
Comparable Operating ProfitMedian225.0786.5748.0754.0
Comparable Operating ProfitLowest219.0736.0709.0725.0
Comparable Operating Profit Margin %Number of Estimates7888
Comparable Operating Profit Margin %Highest7.
Comparable Operating Profit Margin %Consensus7.
Comparable Operating Profit Margin %Median7.
Comparable Operating Profit Margin %Lowest7.
Profit before taxes reportedNumber of Estimates7888
Profit before taxes reportedHighest224.4753.0712.0729.0
Profit before taxes reportedConsensus204.5712.9209.9723.3682.9692.0
Profit before taxes reportedMedian208.0724.5684.5692.0
Profit before taxes reportedLowest202.0673.0644.0659.0
Comparable profit before taxesNumber of Estimates7888
Comparable profit before taxesHighest224.4753.0712.0729.0
Comparable profit before taxesConsensus203.6710.4209.8723.0682.9692.0
Comparable profit before taxesMedian208.0723.5684.5692.0
Comparable profit before taxesLowest202.0673.0644.0659.0
Group net income reported (after minorities)Number of Estimates7888
Group net income reported (after minorities)Highest178.7599.8564.0574.0
Group net income reported (after minorities)Consensus161.6571.8167.5576.2543.8551.6
Group net income reported (after minorities)Median166.0580.0547.5546.1
Group net income reported (after minorities)Lowest163.0528.1520.0532.0
Comparable group net income (after minorities)Number of Estimates7888
Comparable group net income (after minorities)Highest178.7599.8564.0574.0
Comparable group net income (after minorities)Consensus160.5568.2167.4576.0543.8551.6
Comparable group net income (after minorities)Median166.0580.0547.5546.1
Comparable group net income (after minorities)Lowest163.0528.1520.0532.0
Number of shares outstanding (in million)Number of Estimates7888
Number of shares outstanding (in million)Highest397.2397.2397.2397.2
Number of shares outstanding (in million)Consensus397.0397.1396.8396.8396.8396.8
Number of shares outstanding (in million)Median396.7396.7396.7396.7
Number of shares outstanding (in million)Lowest396.7396.7396.7396.7
EPS reported (in Euro)Number of Estimates7888
EPS reported (in Euro)Highest0.451.511.421.45
EPS reported (in Euro)Consensus0.411.440.421.451.371.39
EPS reported (in Euro)Median0.421.461.381.38
EPS reported (in Euro)Lowest0.411.331.301.33
EPS comparable (in Euro)Number of Estimates7888
EPS comparable (in Euro)Highest0.451.511.421.45
EPS comparable (in Euro)Consensus0.401.430.421.451.371.39
EPS comparable (in Euro)Median0.421.461.381.38
EPS comparable (in Euro)Lowest0.411.331.301.33
DPS (in Euro)Number of Estimates-888
DPS (in Euro)Highest-
DPS (in Euro)Consensus-1.06-
DPS (in Euro)Median-
DPS (in Euro)Lowest-
Investments Number of Estimates-777
Investments Highest--253.0-263.0-263.0
Investments Consensus-82.7-276.6--390.0-381.7-377.6
Investments Median--310.0-313.0-322.0
Investments Lowest--674.2-613.0-565.0
ROCE, comparable %Number of Estimates-666
ROCE, comparable %Highest-
ROCE, comparable %Consensus15.017.2-15.814.414.1
ROCE, comparable %Median-15.914.014.1
ROCE, comparable %Lowest-14.612.912.5

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