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Last Update: 2019-12-04

KPI[EUR m]Q4 2018FY 2018Q4 2019 EFY 2019 EFY 2020 EFY 2021 E
RevenuesNumber of Estimates20201917
RevenuesConsensus (Median)1,217.34,039.11,101.14,148.04,316.04,461.7
EBITDANumber of Estimates20201917
EBITDAConsensus (Median)228.0606.3167.5648.1762.8875.7
EBIT INumber of Estimates20201917
EBIT IHighest101.0271.7435.0564.1
EBIT IMean73.3244.0336.1434.5
EBIT IConsensus (Median)124.9227.274.3245.0345.5440.0
EBIT ILowest49.3220.0223.7330.9
Financial resultNumber of Estimates20201917
Financial resultHighest0.0-72.0-66.9-61.4
Financial resultMean-31.7-103.7-113.0-113.8
Financial resultConsensus (Median)-30.2-112.2-35.6-107.6-114.5-116.1
Financial resultLowest-43.0-115.0-163.6-163.7
Earnings before income taxes, adjustedNumber of Estimates20201917
Earnings before income taxes, adjustedHighest83.3182.0333.3502.7
Earnings before income taxes, adjustedMean41.6140.4223.0320.6
Earnings before income taxes, adjustedConsensus (Median)94.7115.040.0138.7235.5327.0
Earnings before income taxes, adjustedLowest11.6110.360.1203.3
Group earnings after taxes, adjustedNumber of Estimates15151412
Group earnings after taxes, adjustedHighest59.7128.2262.9386.6
Group earnings after taxes, adjustedMean28.296.7159.5237.4
Group earnings after taxes, adjustedConsensus (Median)71.885.429.397.8164.7234.0
Group earnings after taxes, adjustedLowest5.774.243.2146.3
Average number of sharesNumber of Estimates15151412
Average number of sharesHighest191.4191.4191.4191.4
Average number of sharesMean191.4191.4191.4191.4
Average number of sharesConsensus (Median)191.4191.4191.4191.4191.4191.4
Average number of sharesLowest191.4191.4191.4191.4
EPS from continued operations, adjusted (in Euro)Number of Estimates15151412
EPS from continued operations, adjusted (in Euro)Highest0.320.671.372.02
EPS from continued operations, adjusted (in Euro)Mean0.150.500.831.24
EPS from continued operations, adjusted (in Euro)Consensus (Median)0.380.450.160.510.861.22
EPS from continued operations, adjusted (in Euro)Lowest0.040.390.230.76
Tax rate (%)Number of Estimates14151412
Tax rate (%)Highest50.632.730.031.0
Tax rate (%)Mean27.429.428.128.4
Tax rate (%)Consensus (Median)24.225.728.
Tax rate (%)Lowest14.726.021.123.1
DPS (in Euro)Number of Estimates-161615
DPS (in Euro)Highest-0.400.600.70
DPS (in Euro)Mean-0.230.310.47
DPS (in Euro)Consensus (Median)-0.25-0.250.320.45
DPS (in Euro)Lowest-
CapExNumber of Estimates18181816
CapExConsensus (Median)165.1443.2240.0550.0555.1539.4
Free Cash Flow, adjustedNumber of Estimates14141413
Free Cash Flow, adjustedHighest-124.878.6249.4193.0
Free Cash Flow, adjustedMean-154.549.057.6113.2
Free Cash Flow, adjustedConsensus (Median)-146.7-206.3-146.357.150.891.3
Free Cash Flow, adjustedLowest-213.4-10.0-63.822.8
Net Debt (Net financial debt + provisions)Number of Estimates-998
Net Debt (Net financial debt + provisions)Highest-4,886.45,011.65,004.5
Net Debt (Net financial debt + provisions)Mean-4,570.34,532.44,512.1
Net Debt (Net financial debt + provisions)Consensus (Median)-4,443.6-4,501.24,491.94,508.7
Net Debt (Net financial debt + provisions)Lowest-4,328.04,197.34,137.7

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